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2011 Goals: New Year, New Kate! January 3, 2011

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firsts things first: i got a laptop of my very own, so i plan on using it to write in this here blog. *more on this in a minute.

secondly: i got a new hairdo:

looking saucy as a blonde

here i am looking all saucy.

and finally i have been thinking of goals for the year 2011. i have read a lot of other people’s goals and it seems less daunting to know that others are throwing down the gauntlet. i can recognize what kinds of goals seem to be feasible (specific v. vague) and also that separating them into sections may help me keep them more organized.

keeping that in mind:

health goals:

  • long term goal: lose 40lbs by December 31, 2011. .
  • stop eating fish products by January 31, 2011
  • stop eating pork products by February 28, 2011
  • stop eating beef products by March 31, 2011
  • stop eating chicken (not eggs) by April 30, 2011
  • stop eating eggs by May 31, 2011
  • stop eating all dairy by July 14, 2011. dairy hurts my tummy greatly but i know it will be hard to break my dependence on it
  • stop eating fast food (this includes pretty much everything but Subway) on January 1, 2011
  • stop drinking soda on January 1, 2011
  • eat a healthy breakfast every morning (this will require me to get up before 11am on Sundays: i’m soooo a heathen)
  • work out at least three times a week. would like this to be 4, but i am being realistic here.
  • take a yoga class before the end of the year

money goals:

  • put $50 in an account each month to prepare for Christmas/December (lots of b-days)
  • work with husband to set aside some money each month (both of us or one of us) to use on future down payment on a house.
  • pay off the credit card (again).
  • husband will pay off his school bills by the end of the year.

life goals:

  • go on a nice date with the husband at least once a month. not just going to a movie with the guys.
  • make time to go out with friends who are girls. i am pretty bad at avoiding going out with anyone but my husbands friends.
  • go on a small vacation with the husband maybe even just checking into a hotel here in KC for an extended weekend. we have not gone anywhere since we went to Nebraska in 2008 with my family.
  • keep up this blog. i am going to work on updating about meeting my goals and my progress in the great by 28 ideals.

this is a pretty lengthy list but i feel like it’s doable and having some certain goals will help keep me on track. i am not very good at being healthy in general, i have some pretty terrible habits but i also have passion and a strong desire to better myself.

so far i have avoided soda and fast food. it has been REALLY hard because i am kind of dependent on fast food. the hubs and i have a ritual of sorts when it comes to fast food and Monday’s but i did great today! and i had a pretty delicious salad for dinner! woot woot!

here’s to tomorrow!


Today my name is…. unhealthy. October 6, 2010

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Hi. I’m Kate and I am starting a blog to help keep me accountable on my struggle to better health.

I have been meaning to do this for awhile but as all journey’s towards “weight loss” go, I clearly needed a kick in the pants. I am really good at pretending everything is OK. When I can’t walk up stairs, it’s OK because I am “just tired” or I was not breathing correctly (HA!). When I want to eat terrible food, it is OK because I had just a stressful day… you know cause mickey D’s really helps turn it all around. I am so good at pretending that I can usually just forget that my health slips more and more into a dangerous place everyday.

But, on Monday I went to the doctor and they made me get on a scale. I am not one for thinking about the numbers (because I can pretend they don’t really matter) but here is the sad and scary truth: I currently weigh 290lbs. Honestly, this is only 10lbs away from 300, which is a HUGE deal. This is not OK. and I know it. and I need to do something about it. It is so easy to gain 10lbs and so hard to lose it, but nothing worth doing it easy.

Here is the thing, I have a goal to be healthy by the time I turn 28. I just turned 26 in July so I have some time. I know I am going to make mistakes but I am really hoping that letting people in on what I consider to be the worst news of my short life so far will be enough incentive to keep going.

I know I am already a pretty good person. I try hard and I don’t like to do wrong by anyone. This is part of my struggle. I have to reconcile that just because I don’t feel badly all the time about myself and just because I think I am awesome (sounds self-centered, but everyone should feel good about who they are) does not mean that I don’t have things to improve upon.

Here I am:


Kate. Party for a friend in May 2010.


Today I am unhealthy but today is as good a day as any to make a change.