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so here is how i have been doing it wrong October 14, 2010

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It’s been a week since I decided to jumpstart my health and become more accountable. And yet…

You know how actual healthy people say that you can eat “bad” foods and still be healthy. You just do it in moderation. well, I am officially doing the exact opposite of that. I eat “bad” foods all the time and healthy ones in moderation. Nice job, Kate!

Today is my dad’s 59th birthday. 4 years ago today CW (my husband) got on bended knee and asked me to be his bride. This is significant for 2 reasons. One: I got engaged! woot woot! and two: this was the last time I really remember taking care of myself health wise.

Kate and CW. October 14, 2006. Engagement.

You can’t see in the photo, but I was wearing Express jeans. size 14. they ran small so I can say with authority that I was still a size 12 (in most other brands) at the time. We went to try on wedding dresses during Thanksgiving break literally a month and a week later. By that time, I was already wearing tight size 16’s. Shouldn’t that have red flagged me right there to do something different?

And yet, I still have not learned.