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This may be the start of something great! January 9, 2011

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Awesome updates from 2011 goals! I am proud to say that the hubs and I have been fast food and soda free for 8 days! WOO-HOO! This is a remarkable accomplishment for us. We were exceedingly dependent on fast food when i got home late from work (which is like everyday) and on the weekends because we are always running around. but things are looking up.


Also, I managed to eat a healthy breakfast every morning. I ranged from delicious oatmeal to bagels to eggs, but i ate something every morning. This is also huge because a lot of time I will not eat enough or I just won’t eat and then i am starving by lunch and all rational thought it out the window. Here are some examples of breakfast this week:


January 9 2011 004 January 9 2011 009 January 9 2011 013


OK, so I am working on my picture taking abilities, but at least you can see what I am working with.

First pic is regular oatmeal, soymilk, water, a mashed banana, some brown sugar and dried cranberries. second pic is a plain bagel with natural peanut butter. I think I ended up putting some strawberry preserves on it after I took the pic. the last pic is the same oatmeal except sub the dried cranberries for half a golden delicious apple and some cinnamon. it was the most delicious breakfast ever.


sadly, i did not take a pic of my fried eggs because they just looked sad. or the second bagel i had this week, because it would have looked the same. so far so good though i think.


Also, I have not taken any pictures of lunch except for this one of my plate from my friend Erica’s going away potluck. sadface! I will miss her. but the people at wotk can do a mean potluck:

                                                January 9 2011 008


there were 2 tortilla rollups, some wild rice with cranberries, a piece of fried chicken, a tiny sandwich with mustard, turkey and cheddar, some grapes, some veggies (there were more than what is shown), some cheese and wheat thins, a piece of crunchy bread with cream cheese and smoked salmon with olives on it and for dessert a snickerdoodle cookie and a small piece of cream cheese danish.


Did I mention: now that Erica has left us for bigger and better things, my friend Jennifer M. and I are in charge or all the monthly birthday potlucks! ahhhhh! we are starting off with a bang on January 19th with a Mexican themed potluck! it’s going to be a journey for me to go through this drastic diet change that I have set up through the year and see how I can make my diet work for me during these fun days.


I also took a pic of my Saturday lunch which was at Panera Bread (NOT fast food to me) and it was amazing. my favorite soup ever: broccoli cheese, which I will have to give up soon due to chicken stock and dairy, and a classic salad. i also ate two pieces of bread they were smallish though and i like to dip them in the soup.


                                               January 9 2011 017


ok now I barely took any dinner pics but I am new to this. You’ll have to trust that I ate at home, or at a restaurant of not the fast kind, every night. I am not saying that I have been eating the most healthy things for dinner but they have all been made at home. I think there were some frozen burritos one day and maybe a can of chef-boy-ardee one day. but here is what I did take pics of:


January 9 2011 014 January 9 2011 015 January 9 2011 020


a delicious salad with mixed field greens, mozzarella cheese and low fat red wine vinaigrette, some mac and cheese with broccoli, carrots and cauliflower in it (and a little garlic) and then the greatest dinner ever was from Thai Place in Westport (which i LOVE). I had the (mild, because i am a wuss) pad thai with veggies and tofu. the bowl i was eating here was actually the leftovers and was like half of the whole meal and there was a lot- that picture does not do it justice. i also tried thai iced coffee for the first time and it was fantastic. very sweet, and i love that. i ended up eating my leftovers at 1 am this morning after we got back from out friend Scott’s house. We watched Silent Hill and i was not ready to sleep yet.


so far so good, you will notice that I try to eat as many meat free meals as I can already. However, I am giving myself so much time to really give up things because I have done this before and I never do it completely right. I always end up eating terribly (too much bread, no protein and lots of cheese and pasta). so i figure test the waters and figure out some staples while I still can before giving up on everything else.


in the workout department I have also succeeded. I exceeded my goal of three visits to the gym by going Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! Each time i go I usually get about 40 minutes of cardio in on the elliptical. I know I should be changing it up but that brings me to this next bit of news… the Hubs and I are going to start the P90X program tomorrow! A friend of his from work was telling him about it and because we are cheapskates, he offered to let us borrow his program. We are going to give that a go starting tomorrow so we can familiarize ourselves with the information today. I am going to continue to work out at the gym at least 3 times a week in the mornings and do P90X at night. when you have as much weight to lose as I do, you might as well hit it from all sides.


so those are the big developments in the goals this week. today has been a good day. Ate breakfast (apple oatmeal), went grocery shopping, ate lunch (Chinese food from grocery store), went to the gym, helped the hubs take out the trash, tackled the dishes, started the laundry, watched my hometown team lose a playoff game (again—never really thoght we had a chance anyway, silly chiefs), watched the cat (Ella Gator) try to snuggle with the Hubs:


                                      January 9 2011 022


and watched KU* beat Michigan in overtime (WOO-HOO):


                                     January 9 2011 024

* hubs graduated from KU. This girl went to Northwest Missouri State University. although I love my school, our sports are just not that exciting.

it’s just about time to make dinner: ravoli, salad and garlic bread: YUM!


2011 Goals: New Year, New Kate! January 3, 2011

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firsts things first: i got a laptop of my very own, so i plan on using it to write in this here blog. *more on this in a minute.

secondly: i got a new hairdo:

looking saucy as a blonde

here i am looking all saucy.

and finally i have been thinking of goals for the year 2011. i have read a lot of other people’s goals and it seems less daunting to know that others are throwing down the gauntlet. i can recognize what kinds of goals seem to be feasible (specific v. vague) and also that separating them into sections may help me keep them more organized.

keeping that in mind:

health goals:

  • long term goal: lose 40lbs by December 31, 2011. .
  • stop eating fish products by January 31, 2011
  • stop eating pork products by February 28, 2011
  • stop eating beef products by March 31, 2011
  • stop eating chicken (not eggs) by April 30, 2011
  • stop eating eggs by May 31, 2011
  • stop eating all dairy by July 14, 2011. dairy hurts my tummy greatly but i know it will be hard to break my dependence on it
  • stop eating fast food (this includes pretty much everything but Subway) on January 1, 2011
  • stop drinking soda on January 1, 2011
  • eat a healthy breakfast every morning (this will require me to get up before 11am on Sundays: i’m soooo a heathen)
  • work out at least three times a week. would like this to be 4, but i am being realistic here.
  • take a yoga class before the end of the year

money goals:

  • put $50 in an account each month to prepare for Christmas/December (lots of b-days)
  • work with husband to set aside some money each month (both of us or one of us) to use on future down payment on a house.
  • pay off the credit card (again).
  • husband will pay off his school bills by the end of the year.

life goals:

  • go on a nice date with the husband at least once a month. not just going to a movie with the guys.
  • make time to go out with friends who are girls. i am pretty bad at avoiding going out with anyone but my husbands friends.
  • go on a small vacation with the husband maybe even just checking into a hotel here in KC for an extended weekend. we have not gone anywhere since we went to Nebraska in 2008 with my family.
  • keep up this blog. i am going to work on updating about meeting my goals and my progress in the great by 28 ideals.

this is a pretty lengthy list but i feel like it’s doable and having some certain goals will help keep me on track. i am not very good at being healthy in general, i have some pretty terrible habits but i also have passion and a strong desire to better myself.

so far i have avoided soda and fast food. it has been REALLY hard because i am kind of dependent on fast food. the hubs and i have a ritual of sorts when it comes to fast food and Monday’s but i did great today! and i had a pretty delicious salad for dinner! woot woot!

here’s to tomorrow!


so here is how i have been doing it wrong October 14, 2010

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It’s been a week since I decided to jumpstart my health and become more accountable. And yet…

You know how actual healthy people say that you can eat “bad” foods and still be healthy. You just do it in moderation. well, I am officially doing the exact opposite of that. I eat “bad” foods all the time and healthy ones in moderation. Nice job, Kate!

Today is my dad’s 59th birthday. 4 years ago today CW (my husband) got on bended knee and asked me to be his bride. This is significant for 2 reasons. One: I got engaged! woot woot! and two: this was the last time I really remember taking care of myself health wise.

Kate and CW. October 14, 2006. Engagement.

You can’t see in the photo, but I was wearing Express jeans. size 14. they ran small so I can say with authority that I was still a size 12 (in most other brands) at the time. We went to try on wedding dresses during Thanksgiving break literally a month and a week later. By that time, I was already wearing tight size 16’s. Shouldn’t that have red flagged me right there to do something different?

And yet, I still have not learned.


Today my name is…. unhealthy. October 6, 2010

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Hi. I’m Kate and I am starting a blog to help keep me accountable on my struggle to better health.

I have been meaning to do this for awhile but as all journey’s towards “weight loss” go, I clearly needed a kick in the pants. I am really good at pretending everything is OK. When I can’t walk up stairs, it’s OK because I am “just tired” or I was not breathing correctly (HA!). When I want to eat terrible food, it is OK because I had just a stressful day… you know cause mickey D’s really helps turn it all around. I am so good at pretending that I can usually just forget that my health slips more and more into a dangerous place everyday.

But, on Monday I went to the doctor and they made me get on a scale. I am not one for thinking about the numbers (because I can pretend they don’t really matter) but here is the sad and scary truth: I currently weigh 290lbs. Honestly, this is only 10lbs away from 300, which is a HUGE deal. This is not OK. and I know it. and I need to do something about it. It is so easy to gain 10lbs and so hard to lose it, but nothing worth doing it easy.

Here is the thing, I have a goal to be healthy by the time I turn 28. I just turned 26 in July so I have some time. I know I am going to make mistakes but I am really hoping that letting people in on what I consider to be the worst news of my short life so far will be enough incentive to keep going.

I know I am already a pretty good person. I try hard and I don’t like to do wrong by anyone. This is part of my struggle. I have to reconcile that just because I don’t feel badly all the time about myself and just because I think I am awesome (sounds self-centered, but everyone should feel good about who they are) does not mean that I don’t have things to improve upon.

Here I am:


Kate. Party for a friend in May 2010.


Today I am unhealthy but today is as good a day as any to make a change.